What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Red Hair?

What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Red Hair

Purple shampoo on red hair neutralizes brassy and orange tones. Using purple shampoo on red hair can result in a cooler and less warm tone for your hair.

Red hair is vibrant and eye-catching, but after a while, it can get brassy or orange. This happens when the hair color oxidizes and fades, exposing the warm tones. Purple shampoo can help to neutralize those warm tones and make the red hair appear cooler and more balanced. The purple shampoo contains purple pigments that counteract orange and yellow tones, which are opposite on the color wheel. The purple cancel those unnatural colors, leaving behind fresher and cooler red tones. It’s important to understand how purple shampoo works and how to use it correctly to avoid damaging your hair.

Understanding The Basics Of Purple Shampoo

Understanding The Basics Of Purple Shampoo

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What Is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a type of hair product that is used to neutralize unwanted brassy and yellow tones in blonde, silver, and grey hair. But what about red hair? While it may seem counterintuitive, purple shampoo can also be used on red hair to counteract unwanted warm tones and enhance the overall vibrancy of the color.

How Does Purple Shampoo Work?

The purple shampoo contains a small amount of purple pigment that works to neutralize warm tones in the hair. It does this through color theory – purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, so when applied to hair, it cancels out the yellow tones, leaving behind a cooler, more vibrant hair color.

Why Does Purple Shampoo Work On Red Hair?

You may be wondering if purple cancels out yellow, how does it work on red hair? Well, red hair can often have warm, orange undertones that can make the color appear dull or faded. Purple shampoo works on red hair by neutralizing these warm tones, leaving behind a more vibrant and rich color.

It can also help to enhance the natural highlights and lowlights in red hair, resulting in a more dimensional look.

To get the most out of purple shampoo on red hair, follow these tips:

  • Use it once a week to start, then adjust as needed based on the results
  • Apply the shampoo evenly throughout the hair and leave it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing
  • Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to prevent dryness
  • Always use a heat protectant when styling to prevent damage to the hair
  • Consider using a purple toning hair mask in conjunction with the shampoo for added vibrancy and color longevity.

A purple shampoo is an effective tool for enhancing the vibrancy and richness of red hair. By neutralizing unwanted warm tones, it can bring out the natural beauty of red hair and help it to look its best.

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The Benefits Of Using Purple Shampoo On Red Hair

Red hair is exceptionally stunning and rare, but it comes with its fair share of challenges, including brassiness and fading. Purple shampoo can work wonders to restore the former glory of your red hair.

Removing Brassiness From Red Hair

One of the main issues that redheads face is unwanted brassiness, which makes the hair appear dull and lackluster. Purple shampoo can work wonders in neutralizing the brassiness and creating a more vibrant red hue.

  • Purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, which means that it helps to cancel out any yellow or orange tones in your hair.
  • The purple shampoo contains purple pigments that coat your hair when you wash it, helping to bring back the natural shine and vibrancy of your red hair.
  • It’s recommended to use the purple shampoo once a week, but you may need to adjust the frequency based on how quickly your hair is fading.

Enhancing Red Hair’S Vibrancy And Shine

Red hair is already eye-catching, but using purple shampoo can take its beauty to the next level.

  • The purple shampoo helps to maintain the vibrancy and richness of your red hair color, preventing it from looking washed out or dull.
  • By neutralizing the brassiness, purple shampoo enhances the overall brightness and shine of your hair, making it look healthy and glossy.
  • It’s important to choose a high-quality purple shampoo that’s specifically formulated for red hair. This will ensure that it provides the best results without damaging your hair.

Protecting Red Hair Color From Fading

Red hair can be particularly prone to fading, which is why it’s crucial to take steps to protect it.

  • By neutralizing the brassiness, the purple shampoo helps to prevent the color from looking washed out and dull over time.
  • The purple shampoo contains gentle cleansing agents that help to remove dirt, oil, and product buildup from your hair without stripping away the color.
  • Regular use of purple shampoo forms a protective shield on the hair, which can help to lock the color in and prevent it from fading prematurely.

If you’re a proud owner of gorgeous red hair, purple shampoo is an excellent addition to your hair care routine. By removing brassiness, enhancing vibrancy and shine, and protecting the color from fading, you can maintain your red hair’s beauty and health for longer.

Just be sure to choose the right purple shampoo for your hair type and use it as directed for the best results.

How To Choose And Use The Best Purple Shampoo For Red Hair

How To Choose And Use The Best Purple Shampoo For Red Hair

Red hair is beautiful, but it can be challenging to maintain. Redheads know that with time, their hair can become brassy and lose its vivid color. This is where purple shampoo comes to the rescue. Purple shampoo can be a game-changer for anyone with red hair.

It can help to maintain the color of your hair by neutralizing the brassy tones. But how do you choose and use the best purple shampoo for red hair? Let’s find out.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Purple Shampoo

Before purchasing purple shampoo, you need to consider a few things.

  • The shade of your red hair: consider the tone of your red hair while choosing a purple shampoo. If you have a lighter shade of red, choose a milder purple shampoo to avoid over-toning. For darker shades of red, opt for a stronger formula.
  • Strength of the purple pigment: check the strength of the purple pigment in the shampoo. Purple shampoo with a high concentration of purple pigment is effective but can be harsh. Choose a shampoo with a moderate purple pigment concentration.
  • Hair texture: choosing the right shampoo for your hair texture is essential. If you have dry hair, look for a moisturizing purple shampoo. Those with oily hair should choose a lightweight shampoo.

Tips For Using Purple Shampoo On Red Hair

Using purple shampoo on red hair is easy, but there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Start slowly: use the purple shampoo once in a week and gradually increase the frequency. Overusing purple shampoo can lead to over-toning and dryness.
  • Follow instructions: always follow the instructions on the shampoo bottle. Leave the shampoo for a minimum amount of time, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Use with conditioner: purple shampoo may leave your hair feeling dry. Use a hydrating conditioner after every wash to keep your hair moisturized.
  • Avoid scalp: purple shampoo is only meant for the hair strands and not the scalp. Avoid applying shampoo on the scalp, which can lead to dryness and irritation.

Products And Brands To Try

Choosing the right purple shampoo can be daunting, given the plethora of options available.

  • Joico color balance purple shampoo
  • Redken color extend bondage color depositing purple shampoo
  • Aveda blue malva color shampoo
  • Kérastase blond Absolu anti-brass purple shampoo
  • L’oreal Paris ever pure sulfate-free brass toning purple shampoo

Purple shampoo is a must-have for anyone with red hair. It helps maintain the color and prevents brassiness. Before choosing a purple shampoo, consider your hair texture, shade of red, and the strength of the purple pigment. Always use purple shampoo as instructed, and pair it with a hydrating conditioner.

Experiment with different brands to find the perfect one for you.

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Beyond Purple: Other Color-Enhancing Products

If you’re digging the whole color-enhancing idea, there are other products out there that you might want to check out.

Blue Shampoo for Brunettes

Just like purple shampoo works for blondes and redheads, blue shampoo is a game-changer for brunettes. It neutralizes brassy orange tones, keeping brunette hair looking fresh and cool.

Color-Depositing Conditioners

Color-depositing conditioners are another great tool in the fight against color fade. They deposit a small amount of color each time you use them, helping to keep your color vibrant.

Color Masks for a Pop of Freshness

Color masks are yet another fantastic product to maintain and enhance your hair color. They work like a deep conditioner, hydrating your hair while also depositing color. It’s like a spa day for your hair!

Pigmented Leave-in Treatments for Continuous Care

For those seeking a constant guard against color fading, pigmented leave-in treatments are the way to go. They offer ongoing protection throughout the day, ensuring your hair color always stays fresh and vibrant.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Red Hair?

Can People With Red Hair Use Purple Shampoo?

Yes, people with red hair can use purple shampoo, but it may not have the desired effect on their hair. Purple shampoo is designed to neutralize yellow or brassy tones in blonde or light hair, so it may not work for red hair.

It’s best to consult a hair professional to determine the right shampoo for red hair.

How Often Should I Use Purple Shampoo On Red Hair?

It is recommended to use purple shampoo on red hair once a week to maintain color vibrancy and prevent brassy tones. The frequency can vary based on individual hair needs and color intensity. Overuse of purple shampoo can result in excessive dryness and damage to hair.

Will Purple Shampoo Make My Red Hair More Vibrant?

No, purple shampoo won’t make your red hair more vibrant as it is meant to enhance blonde or silver hair. It helps in neutralizing the brassy or yellow tones in light-colored hair while doing nothing for red hair. It might even leave a purple tint on your hair if used excessively.

Is Purple Shampoo Safe For Color-Treated Red Hair?

Yes, purple shampoo is safe for color-treated red hair. It helps maintain the vibrancy of red hair by neutralizing any unwanted brassy or yellow tones. It is important to use it in moderation as it can dry out the hair if used too frequently.

Can Purple Shampoo Cause Damage To My Red Hair?

Purple shampoo formulated specifically for blonde hair can cause damage to red hair due to its high concentration of blue and purple pigments. These pigments can clash with the red tones in your hair, resulting in an unwanted color change.

You should opt for shampoos with minimal pigmentation, specifically made for colored hair.

Are There Any Alternative Ways To Maintain The Color Of My Red Hair Besides Using Purple Shampoo?

Besides using purple shampoo, you can try using hair masks specifically designed for red hair. Avoiding hot water and minimizing heat styling can also help maintain color. Additionally, make sure to use color-safe products and avoid exposing your hair to too much sun or chlorine.


Redheads can have a tough time finding the right products to keep their hair looking its best. Fortunately, purple shampoo can be a game-changer for those looking to keep their red locks vibrant and free of brassiness. By neutralizing any yellow tones, purple shampoo can help to enhance the naturally red pigments in your hair, making your color look brighter and bolder.

It’s important to remember, that not all purple shampoos are created equal. Be sure to opt for a purple shampoo that is specifically designed for red hair, in order to ensure the best results. Additionally, be mindful of how often you use it, as overuse can lead to dryness and damage.

Overall, incorporating purple shampoo into your hair care routine can be a simple yet effective way to keep your red hair looking stunning.