What is the Best Wattage for a Hair Dryer?

What is the Best Wattage for a Hair Dryer

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a hair dryer. One of the most important is the wattage. But what is the best wattage for a hair dryer? The answer depends on several factors, including your hair type and desired results. A low-wattage hair dryer may be all you need if you have fine or thin hair. You may need higher wattage for thicker or curlier hair to get the job done.

Typically ranges from 800 to 2000 watts used in a hair dryer but a battery-operated hair dryer is mostly used for travel with less than 800 watts. Generally, it is recommended by hair experts to purchase a dryer with 1800 watts of power to reduce the risk of heat damage.

More power is usually better if you’re looking for a faster drying time. But keep in mind that too much power can damage your hair. When in doubt, start with a lower wattage and work your way up if needed.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best wattage for your hair dryer:

  • Fine or thin hair: 1,300 to 1,875 watts
  • Medium-thickness hair: 1,875 watts
  • Thick or curly hair: 2,000 watts

Remember, these are only general guidelines.

The best way to find out what wattage is right for you is to experiment with different settings until you find one that works best for your hair type and style.

How many watts does a hair dryer use?

How many watts do different hair dryers have?

Hair Dryer WattageHours Per Year RunYearly KWH Of Electricity
1,500 W60.8 hours91.2 kWh
1,600 W60.8 hours97.3 kWh
1,700 W60.8 hours103.4 kWh
1,800 W60.8 hours109.5 kWh
1,900 W60.8 hours115.5 kWh
2,000 W60.8 hours121.6 kWh


When it comes to hair dryers, wattage is important to consider. Higher wattage means more power and quicker drying time, while a lower wattage means less power and slower drying time. So, what is the best wattage for a hair dryer?

For most people, a hair dryer with 1875 watts will be sufficient. This is enough power to get the job done without being too powerful or taking too long. If you have very thick or curly hair, you may want to consider a higher wattage hair dryer such as one with 2000 watts.

No matter what wattage you choose, be sure to read the reviews before purchasing any hair dryer. This will help you find one that suits your needs and budget.