10 Stunning Kris Bryant Haircuts 2024 (With Pictures)

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Kris Bryant, known for his prowess on the baseball field, also scores big in the style department with his distinctive haircuts. This article delves into the various hairstyles that have become synonymous with Bryant’s look, offering insights and tips on how to replicate these styles. Whether you’re a baseball fan or just looking for a fresh haircut, you’ll find inspiration here.

10 Kris Bryant Haircuts

Kris Bryant, known for his incredible skills on the baseball field, also turns heads with his trendy hairstyles. Let’s dive into 10 of his coolest cuts. Each style reflects his dynamic personality and flair for the fashionable. Ready to get inspired? Let’s go!

Kris Bryant Faux Hawk Haircut

Kris Bryant Faux Hawk Haircut

Ah, the Faux Hawk! It’s like Kris is saying, “I’m here to play hard and look good doing it.” This cut features shorter sides with a prominent strip of longer hair on top, styled upwards. It’s the perfect blend of edgy and professional, kind of like a rebel in a suit. Ideal for those who want to make a statement without going full mohawk.

Kris Bryant Short Metro Mullet Haircut

Kris Bryant Short Metro Mullet Haircut

Talk about a comeback! The Short Metro Mullet is business in the front, party in the back, but with a modern twist. Kris sports this look with a shorter, more refined tail at the back, giving it a contemporary edge. It’s a nod to the 80s but with a foot firmly in the 21st century.

Kris Bryant Baseball Mullet Haircut

Kris Bryant Baseball Mullet Haircut

The Baseball Mullet – it’s like Kris took the classic mullet and said, “Let’s add some sporty flair!” Longer at the back, with a more relaxed, tousled look, it screams laid-back confidence. This cut is for those who carry their fan club, both on and off the field.

Kris Bryant Messy Haircut

Kris Bryant Messy Haircut

Messy but in a “I woke up like this” kind of way. Kris’s Messy Haircut is effortlessly cool. It’s tousled, and carefree, and looks like he just ran his fingers through his hair and nailed it. It’s the perfect style for those “grab your bat and cap” days.

Kris Bryant Faux Hawk Haircut With Fade

Kris Bryant Faux Hawk Haircut With Fade

Take the Faux Hawk, add a fade, and what do you get? A haircut that’s as sharp as Kris’s batting. The fade adds a sleek, modern touch to the rebellious hawk. It’s for those who love a little extra finesse with their boldness.

Kris Bryant Faux Hawk Haircut With Taper

Kris Bryant Faux Hawk Haircut With Taper

Here, the Faux Hawk meets a gentle taper. It’s like Kris is saying, “I’m cool but approachable.” The taper blends more seamlessly than a fade, making it a bit more subdued but still striking. Ideal for those who play it cool but still want to stand out.

Kris Bryant Mohawk with High Skin Fade

Kris Bryant Mohawk with High Skin Fade

Now, this is a statement! The Mohawk with High Skin Fade is Kris taking edginess to the next level. It’s bold, it’s daring, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. This cut is for those who want to shout their style from the rooftops.

Kris Bryant Gelled Up Liberty Spikes

Kris Bryant Gelled Up Liberty Spikes

Remember the punk era? Kris’s Gelled Up Liberty Spikes are a nod to that rebellious spirit. It’s fun, it’s wild, and it’s a conversation starter. A style that says, “I’m here to break the mold,” in the loudest way possible.

Kris Bryant Textured Haircut

Kris Bryant Textured Haircut

The Textured Cut is all about depth and movement. Kris rocks this look with a natural, easy vibe. It’s perfect for those days when you want to look put together but still keep things casual. It’s the “yeah, I look good without trying too hard” haircut.

Kris Bryant Casual Buzz Haircut

Kris Bryant Casual Buzz Haircut

Last but not least, the Casual Buzz. It’s Kris going back to basics – clean, neat, and low maintenance. It’s the kind of haircut that screams efficiency and focus, perfect for someone who doesn’t want their hair to steal the spotlight from their game. With this cut, Kris shows us that sometimes, less is more, and simplicity can be incredibly stylish.

So there you have it, folks – ten of Kris Bryant’s most memorable haircuts. Each one tells a story, from the daring Faux Hawk to the laid-back buzz, showing off different sides of his personality. Whether you’re stepping onto the field or just stepping out for the day, there’s a Kris Bryant style for every occasion. Why not give one a try? Who knows, you might just hit a style home run!

Kris Bryant Haircuts: A Signature Style

The Classic Kris: Understanding His Go-To Look

Kris Bryant’s classic look is more than just a haircut; it’s a statement. This section explores the elements that make up his signature style, from the cut to the styling techniques.

Adapting Kris’s Style for Different Hair Types

No matter your hair type, Kris Bryant’s haircut can be tailored to suit you. Here, we discuss how to adapt his signature look for various hair textures and lengths.

The Evolution of Kris Bryant’s Hairstyles

From his rookie season to now, Kris Bryant’s hairstyles have evolved significantly. This part takes a stroll down memory lane, examining the changes and what they signify about his personal and professional growth.

Styling and Maintenance

Essential Products for Kris Bryant Haircut

To maintain a Kris Bryant-like haircut, certain products are key. This segment lists the must-have styling products and how to use them effectively.

DIY: How to Style Your Hair Like Kris Bryant

Want to style your hair like Kris Bryant at home? This section provides step-by-step guidance on achieving his look, from washing to styling.

Professional Tips for Maintaining Kris’s Haircut

Professional hairstylists weigh in with their top tips for maintaining a haircut inspired by Kris Bryant. Learn about trimming schedules, product use, and more.

Haircut Variations

Short and Sporty: Kris’s Shorter Haircuts

Kris Bryant’s shorter haircuts offer a sporty and manageable option. Here, we delve into the specifics of these cuts and how they can be adapted to different face shapes.

The Long Game: When Kris Went Long

There was a time when Kris went for a longer hairstyle. This section discusses how he managed this look and what it says about his personal style evolution.

Adapting Kris’s Cut for Formal Occasions

Kris Bryant’s haircut isn’t just for the ballpark. Learn how to tweak his style for formal events, ensuring you look sharp and sophisticated.

Kris Bryant Haircuts in Popular Culture

Celebrity Influence: Athletes and Hairstyles

Kris Bryant isn’t the only athlete to influence hairstyle trends. This part looks at the broader trend of athletes setting hairstyle fashions, with a focus on Bryant’s contributions.

Fans’ Favorite Kris Bryant Hair Moments

From iconic games to off-field appearances, fans share their favorite Kris Bryant hair moments and what makes these styles stand out.

Kris Bryant Haircuts FAQs

What makes Kris Bryant’s haircuts unique?

Kris Bryant’s haircuts stand out for their versatility and adaptability. They blend a sporty, casual look with a touch of elegance, making them suitable for various occasions and personal styles.

Can Kris Bryant’s haircut suit any face shape?

Yes, one of the best aspects of Kris Bryant’s haircuts is their adaptability to different face shapes. With slight modifications, his style can be tailored to enhance any facial structure, from round to angular.

How often should I trim my hair to maintain a Kris Bryant-inspired haircut?

To keep a Kris Bryant-inspired haircut looking its best, a trim every 4-6 weeks is recommended. This frequency can vary based on hair growth rate and the specific style you’re maintaining.

What are the best styling products for recreating Kris Bryant’s hairstyles?

The best styling products include a matte pomade for texture, a strong-hold gel for definition, and a quality hairspray for lasting hold. These products help recreate the volume and texture characteristic of Bryant’s hairstyles.

How can I adapt Kris Bryant’s haircut to a professional setting?

To adapt Kris Bryant’s haircut for a professional setting, keep the sides neatly trimmed and style the top in a more subdued manner. Opting for a less textured, more polished look will make it suitable for the workplace.

Did Kris Bryant’s hairstyles change significantly over his career?

Yes, throughout his career, Kris Bryant’s hairstyles have seen significant changes. From longer, more relaxed looks to shorter, more refined styles, his hair has evolved alongside his career, reflecting different phases of his professional journey.


Kris Bryant’s haircuts are more than just a personal style choice; they’re a reflection of his dynamic personality and professional evolution. By understanding the intricacies of his haircuts and learning how to adapt them, anyone can achieve a major-league look that’s both stylish and unique. Remember, a great haircut is not just about following a trend; it’s about finding what works best for you and owning it with confidence.