15 Iconic Chris Bumstead Haircuts 2024 (With Pictures)

chris bumstead haircut photo
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Chris Bumstead, known by his fans as CBum, is a Canadian IFBB Professional Bodybuilder; he’s also a trendsetter when it comes to men’s grooming. His haircuts, characterized by their clean lines and masculine appeal, have become as iconic as his Classic Physique titles. We’ll explore the essence of Cbum’s hairstyle, how it has evolved, and how you can make his signature look your own.

Who is Chris Bumstead?

Chris Bumstead is a Canadian IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and the reigning Mr. Olympia Classic Physique champion, having won the title multiple times in recent years. He is known for his aesthetic and classical physique, which harks back to the golden era of bodybuilding. Beyond his achievements in bodybuilding, Chris has also become a style icon, known for his distinct hairstyle that complements his classic look.

15 Most Popular Chris Bumstead Haircuts

Chris Bumstead isn’t just a titan in the bodybuilding world; he’s a style icon too, especially when it comes to his hair. Let’s dive into 15 of his coolest cuts that have made waves, shall we?

Chris Bumstead Mullet Haircut

Chris Bumstead Mullet Haircut photo

Ah, the mullet. Business in the front, party in the back, and Chris rocks it. His version blends a modern touch with that classic ’80s vibe. It’s not just a haircut; it’s a statement. Who said mullets are out? Chris is proving them all wrong.

Chris Bumstead Mustache Haircut

Chris Bumstead Mustache Haircut photo

Now, this isn’t just about the hair on his head. Chris pairs his cuts with a mustache that screams character. It’s thick, it’s bold, and it’s got personality. This look isn’t just a throwback; it’s a nod to the timeless charm of well-groomed facial hair.

Chris Bumstead Fade Haircut

Chris Bumstead Fade Haircut photo

Clean and crisp, the fade is a classic, and Chris wears it like a champ. It’s all about precision with this cut, blending seamlessly into his skin. This look is low maintenance but high impact, perfect for anyone looking to turn heads.

Chris Bumstead Quiff Haircut

Chris Bumstead Quiff Haircut photo

The quiff is all about volume and Chris nails it. It’s suave, it’s sleek, and it adds a touch of elegance to his rugged physique. This cut’s not just for the gym; it’s red carpet-ready.

CBum Long Haircut with Bandana

CBum Long Haircut with Bandana photo

Long hair, don’t care? Throw a bandana into the mix, and you’ve got a look that’s both functional and stylish. Chris uses this to keep his locks in check, but it also adds a dash of rebellion to his vibe.

Chris Bumstead Pompadour Haircut

Chris Bumstead Pompadour Haircut photo

Taking it up a notch, Chris’s pompadour is nothing short of regal. It’s a nod to the rockabilly era but with a modern twist. This look is for those days when you need to feel like a king.

CBum Messy Bro Flow Haircut

CBum Messy Bro Flow Haircut photo

Sometimes, it’s all about letting those locks loose. Chris’s bro flow is laid-back, effortless, and screams beach vibes. It’s the kind of haircut that makes you want to grab a surfboard.

Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead Haircut

Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead Haircut photo

When it’s game time, Chris keeps it clean and simple. This cut is all about focus, with no frills to distract. It’s the haircut of a champion, designed to keep the eyes on the prize.

Chris Bumstead Messy Fade Haircut

Chris Bumstead Messy Fade Haircut photo

Mixing a bit of edge with the classic fade, Chris’s messy fade is for those who like to keep it casual but cool. It’s a bit rugged, a bit refined, and on-point.

Chris Bumstead Ponytail Haircut

Chris Bumstead Ponytail Haircut photo

Long hair warriors, unite! Chris shows that even a ponytail can be masculine and fierce. It’s practical for the gym and stylish enough for a night out. Talk about versatility!

Chris Bumstead Long Haircut

Chris Bumstead Long Haircut photo

Chris lets his hair down with this one, quite literally. It’s all about embracing the length and the natural texture. This look says, “I’m comfortable in my skin (and my hair).”

Chris Bumstead Beard Haircut

Chris Bumstead Beard Haircut photo

Pairing his cuts with a beard, Chris knows how to balance facial hair with his hairstyles. It’s about harmony, and this look is for those who appreciate a holistic approach to grooming.

Chris Bumstead Side Part Combover Haircut

Chris Bumstead Side Part Combover Haircut photo

Slick, polished, and undeniably sharp, Chris’s side-part combover is a nod to the classic gentleman’s look. It’s sophisticated, making it perfect for those days when you need to impress.

Chris Bumstead Slickback Haircut

Chris Bumstead Slickback Haircut photo

Talk about making a statement! Chris’s slickback is all about control and sleekness. It’s a power move in the form of a haircut, ideal for those who mean business.

Chris Bumstead Squared Cut

Chris Bumstead Squared Cut photo

Last but not least, the squared cut is all about clean lines and angles. Chris wears it with a precision that matches his dedication to his craft. It’s a cut that says, “I’ve got everything under control.”

Steps To Get Chris Bumstead’s Haircut

To get a haircut similar to Chris Bumstead’s, follow these steps:

  1. Research and Reference: Look up recent photos of Chris Bumstead to identify the specific style you’re interested in. He has been seen with various hairstyles but generally maintains a well-groomed, classic look.
  2. Hair Type and Length: Chris’s hairstyle typically works best with medium to thick hair types and medium length on top. Ensure your hair is long enough to style similarly.
  3. Find a Skilled Barber: Chris’s haircut is all about precision and detail, so choose a barber or stylist who is experienced in delivering detailed and custom haircuts.
  4. Describe the Style: Show your barber the reference images and explain that you’re looking for a cut similar to Chris Bumstead’s. Highlight any specific details you like, such as the fade on the sides, the length on top, or how it’s styled.
  5. Discuss the Fade: Chris often sports a fade on the sides that blends seamlessly into a longer length on top. Talk to your barber about the gradient of the fade and how drastic or subtle you want it to be.
  6. Top Length and Texture: The top part of Chris’s hair usually has a bit of length to it, allowing for styling flexibility. Discuss with your barber the appropriate length that would suit your face shape and hair type.
  7. Styling Tips: After the cut, ask your barber for styling tips specific to maintaining the look, including recommended products and daily styling routines.

How to Maintain Chris Bumstead Hairstyles

Maintaining a hairstyle similar to Chris Bumstead’s involves regular grooming and the right hair care products. Here’s how to keep up the look:

  1. Regular Trims: To maintain the shape and style of the haircut, regular trims are necessary. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, a visit to the barber every 3-4 weeks might be required.
  2. Quality Hair Products: Invest in high-quality hair styling products. A matte pomade or clay is great for achieving a textured look similar to Chris’s. These products provide hold and volume without the shine, keeping the style looking natural and effortless.
  3. Washing Routine: Avoid over-washing your hair, as it can strip away natural oils that keep your hair healthy and manageable. Depending on your hair type, washing 2-3 times a week should suffice.
  4. Conditioning: Use a good conditioner to keep your hair soft and easy to style. Conditioning helps in managing and maintaining the health of your hair, especially if you use styling products regularly.
  5. Blow-Drying and Styling: Learning to blow-dry your hair properly can add volume and direction to your hairstyle. Use a heat protectant spray to safeguard your hair from heat damage. Blow-dry your hair in the direction you want it to sit, and then apply your styling product to hold the style in place.
  6. Regular Maintenance: Beyond just haircuts, maintaining a hairstyle like CBum’s involves daily grooming. Take time each day to style your hair, and make adjustments based on your hair’s length and the look you’re going for.
  7. Healthy Lifestyle: Lastly, remember that healthy hair starts with a healthy body. A balanced diet, adequate hydration, and regular exercise contribute to the overall health of your hair, making it easier to style and maintain.

FAQs: Chris Bumstead Haircuts

What type of haircut does Chris Bumstead have?

Chris Bumstead is known for his classic and clean-cut hairstyles, which often feature a medium-length top with textured styling and tapered or faded sides. His hairstyles vary slightly over time but generally maintain a classic and masculine look that complements his physique.

How can I tell my barber I want a haircut like CBum?

The best way to ensure you get a haircut similar to CBum’s is to bring reference photos to your barber. Describe the key elements you like, such as the length, texture, and style of the fade. Communication is key, so discuss the specifics, like how dramatic you want the fade and the length you prefer on top.

What hair products should I use to style my hair like Chris Bumstead?

To achieve a look similar to Chris Bumstead’s, opt for matte finish products like pomades, clays, or pastes that provide hold and texture without adding shine. These products will help you style your hair with a natural, effortless look while keeping it in place throughout the day.

How often should I get my haircut to maintain a Chris Bumstead style?

To maintain the freshness of a Chris Bumstead-inspired haircut, it’s recommended to visit your barber every 3-4 weeks for a trim. This frequency keeps the sides neat and the top well-shaped, ensuring the style remains defined and stylish.

Can I achieve a CBum hairstyle with curly or wavy hair?

Yes, you can adapt a CBum-inspired hairstyle to suit curly or wavy hair. The key is to work with your hair’s natural texture. A skilled barber can tailor the cut to enhance your hair type, using techniques to manage volume and define curls or waves, while still maintaining the essence of Chris’s classic style.


Chris Bumstead’s hairstyles embody the essence of a classic, clean, and masculine look that complements his strong physique and aesthetic appeal. Achieving a haircut similar to his involves selecting the right style that suits your hair type and face shape, finding a skilled barber, and being clear about your preferences. Maintaining such a hairstyle requires regular trims, the use of quality styling products, and a good hair care routine.