10 Best Kevin Durant Haircuts 2024 (With Pictures)

kevin durant haircut photo

Kevin Durant, an iconic figure in the world of basketball, is not just known for his incredible skills on the court but also for his distinctive style. One of the most noticeable aspects of his style is his hair, which has seen various transformations throughout his career. This article delivers into the top 10 Kevin Durant haircuts, exploring their evolution, significance, and the statement they make about his persona and the culture of basketball.

10 Most Popular Kevin Durant Haircuts

Kevin Durant Short and Simple Haircut

Kevin Durant Short and Simple Haircut photo

In his rookie year, Durant sported a simple, short haircut, a look that was both humble and practical. This low-maintenance style reflected his focus on the game and his transition from college basketball to the NBA. It symbolized a young athlete stepping into the professional realm, prioritizing performance over appearance.

Kevin Durant’s Emergence of the Beard Haircut

Kevin Durant's Emergence of the Beard Haircut photo

As Durant’s career progressed, so did his facial hair. The beard became an integral part of his look, adding maturity and gravitas to his appearance. This transformation marked his evolution from a promising rookie to a seasoned professional, asserting his presence both on and off the court.

Kevin Durant High Top Fade Haircut

Kevin Durant High Top Fade Haircut photo

Paying homage to the classic styles of the ’90s, Durant rocked the high-top fade for a while. This haircut not only showcased his appreciation for basketball’s golden era but also allowed him to stand out. It was a nod to the culture that shaped him, blending nostalgia with contemporary flair.

Kevin Durant Short Dreadlocks Haircut

Kevin Durant Short Dreadlocks Haircut photo

Durant’s experiment with short dreadlocks was a significant departure from his usual looks. This style spoke volumes about his willingness to embrace change and experiment with his identity. It was a bold statement of individuality and a reflection of his growth, both personally and professionally.

Kevin Durant Buzz Cut

Kevin Durant Buzz Cut photo

Returning to a more conventional style, Durant’s buzz cut represented a reset or a fresh start. It was clean, easy to maintain, and focused attention back on his gameplay. This haircut is symbolic of Durant’s ability to adapt and remain unfazed by external pressures, highlighting his resilience.

Kevin Durant Clean Shaven Hair Look

Kevin Durant Clean Shaven Hair Look photo

At times, Durant has opted for a completely clean-shaven look, both on his head and his face. This minimalist approach was not just about aesthetics but also about eliminating distractions, focusing on the essentials, and presenting a polished, uncluttered version of himself.

Kevin Durant Braided Updo Haircut

Kevin Durant Braided Updo Haircut photo

Incorporating braids into his look, Durant demonstrated his connection to his roots and cultural heritage. This style was not just a fashion statement but a nod to tradition and a way to honor his background, showcasing his pride in his identity.

Kevin Durant Afro Haircut

Kevin Durant Afro Haircut photo

Sporting an afro was Durant’s way of embracing natural hair and making a statement about authenticity and self-acceptance. This look celebrated his heritage and contributed to the broader dialogue about black hair and its significance in society and culture.

Kevin Durant Taper Fade with Intricate Haircut

Kevin Durant Taper Fade with Intricate Haircut photo

Always one to set trends, Durant’s taper fade haircut featured intricate designs shaved into his hair. This customization added a unique touch to his appearance, allowing him to express his creativity and individuality. It was a blend of precision and artistry, underscoring his attention to detail and personal expression.

Kevin Durant Sleek Back Haircut

Kevin Durant Sleek Back Haircut photo

Experimenting with longer hair, Durant has also been seen with a sleek back look, a departure from his typically shorter styles. This versatile style indicated a mature, sophisticated phase of his career, combining elegance with a sense of casual ease.

How to Get Kevin Durant Hairstyles

Emulating Kevin Durant’s diverse range of hairstyles starts with understanding the specific characteristics of each style he has donned over the years. From clean buzz cuts to intricate braids and stylish fades, each look embodies a unique aspect of Durant’s personality and style evolution.

To get a Kevin Durant-inspired hairstyle, one must first choose a style that complements their face shape, hair texture, and personal aesthetics. Consulting with a professional barber or stylist who is skilled in crafting diverse hairstyles is essential.

They can provide advice on how to adapt Durant’s looks to suit individual preferences while ensuring the chosen style is achievable and maintainable with your hair type. Bringing photos of the specific Durant hairstyle you admire can also aid the stylist in capturing the essence of the look you’re aiming for.

How to Maintain Kevin Durant’s Hairstyles

Maintaining the fresh look of a Kevin Durant-inspired hairstyle requires a consistent hair care routine tailored to the specific needs of your chosen style. For shorter cuts like buzz cuts or fades, regular visits to the barber are necessary to keep the edges crisp and the style sharp.

For longer or more intricate styles, such as braids or the high-top fade, proper home care is crucial. This involves using the right hair care products to nourish and protect the hair, such as moisturizing oils for scalp health and styling products that hold the hair in place without causing damage.

Additionally, protecting your hair at night with a silk or satin head covering can help preserve styles longer and reduce breakage. Understanding the level of commitment required to maintain each style is key to ensuring your Kevin Durant-inspired look remains as impactful as its inspiration.

FAQs: Kevin Durant Haircuts

Can I achieve Kevin Durant’s hairstyles with any hair type?

Yes, many of Kevin Durant’s hairstyles can be adapted to various hair types. However, some styles may require specific hair textures or lengths to achieve the desired look. It’s recommended to consult with a professional stylist to find out how you can adapt Durant’s styles to suit your hair type.

How often should I get my haircut to maintain a style similar to Kevin Durant’s?

The frequency of haircuts depends on the specific style you choose and how quickly your hair grows. For shorter styles like buzz cuts, you might need a trim every 2-3 weeks, while longer styles can usually go longer between cuts. Regular maintenance is key to keeping the style looking fresh.

What hair products should I use to style my hair like Kevin Durant?

The products you’ll need depend on the hairstyle. For maintaining a buzz cut or a clean shave, moisturizing products are essential. For textured styles like braids or the high-top fade, you might need pomades, gels, or mousse to provide hold and definition. Always choose products suitable for your hair type.

How can I protect my hair and scalp if I frequently change hairstyles like Kevin Durant?

If you often switch up your hairstyles, it’s important to give your hair and scalp time to rest between styles, especially those that pull tightly on your scalp. Use nourishing hair treatments, avoid excessive heat styling, and opt for gentle styling products to minimize damage.

Are Kevin Durant’s hairstyles suitable for professional environments?

Many of Kevin Durant’s hairstyles can be adapted to fit professional settings. More conservative environments may prefer styles like the buzz cut or sleek back look, while creative fields may welcome more unique styles like braids or the high-top fade. It’s all about adapting the style to suit the norms of your workplace.


Kevin Durant’s hairstyles are more than mere fashion choices; they are a reflection of his journey, personality, and the cultural landscape of basketball. From the simplicity of his rookie year to the expressive styles that followed, each look tells a story of evolution, resilience, and identity. Durant’s haircuts resonate with fans and observers not just for their aesthetic appeal but for what they signify about the player’s growth, both on and off the court.