How to Choose the Right Hair Straightener for Your Hair Type

Choose Right Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners are products that do not come as a ‘one size fits all’ type. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this detail and tend to shop for a hair straightener without putting their hair type into consideration.

While the brand of the product might be important in terms of durability and product quality, those factors will not make a difference if you choose a hair straightener that is not suited to your hair type.

Each hair type requires different care and maintenance rules; this is why you must choose the right hair straightener for your hair type.

Light/Fine Hair

Most people with fine hair struggle with a slower growth rate, and their hair is prone to breakage. Thus, if you have fine hair, you have to take special care when choosing your hair straightener to avoid damage to your hair. These are some pointers for you:

  • You don’t need a high temperature to straighten the hair for fine hair, so you should be using a lesser time to straighten your hair. Do not repeatedly apply your hair straightener on the same bunch of hair. Going for a hair straightener with a single heat setting is not for you. Older model flat irons usually come with single heat control, so you should avoid buying one.
  • Just like burners used in cooking are made from diverse materials, hair straighteners are also produced from different materials. The most suitable plate type for light/fine hair is the ceramic ones. The ceramic coat the plates so it does not transfer direct heat onto your hair. This coating also helps to regulate the heat and keeps it under control. That is why it is best for fine/light hair.

Curly/Wavy Hair

The curly hair type is expectedly one of the most challenging hair types to straighten because its natural state is not meant to be straight. That means you are forcing your hair to move beyond its natural form and it would generally take longer for curly hair to get straightened.

Thus, you will need a hair straightener with low heat settings since you may have to keep the slow and steady heat longer on your hair.

You should look out for tourmaline straighteners that release heat at a lower intensity. Straighteners with ceramic plates could also work for you.

Coarse/Thick Hair

People with thicker hair generally tend to have more issues with styling their hair. That is why you should ensure you get the right kind of hair straightener for your hair. You will need a hair straightener with higher heat settings that sustains the heat.

Using a straightener with low heat would mean repeating the process, and that would only dry out your hair and make it break in the end.

The best hair straightener for thick hair types are ones that have titanium plates. The titanium material helps the straightener heat up fast and sustains the heat.

Heat Damaged Hair

Heat Damaged Hair

Suppose your hair has already been damaged by exposure to heat. You should not be using hair straighteners, as continued usage would ruin your hair further.

However, if you insist on using one, go for straighteners with low-temperature settings. Don’t be tempted to use high heat as your hair may never recover.

The other way to identify the right hair straightener for your hair type has to do with the physical outlook of the styling tools:

Slim Plates

You might have noticed that hair straighteners come in different sizes and shapes. They are not made that way just for appearance’s sake alone. The shape of the plates determines the length of hair or styling it is best for.

  • For shorter hair, straighteners with narrow plates are the best. The reason should be quite obvious as your hair would be able to reach both ends of the plates and will not be caught in the middle, which can burn the tips of your hair if care is not taken.
  • If you look to style your short hair in spikes or bangs, the narrow plates are better to realize your desired style.

Wide Plates

The hair straighteners with wider plates are good for thick/coarse/long hair. The width of the straightener comes in handy as it covers each small bunch of hair fully and you can use the lesser time to complete the process. The wider plates also tend to have a firmer grip that will start the smoothening of your hair.

Flat Plates

Some hair straighteners have some raised parts and are not flat. However, there are completely flat types, which earned it the name ‘flat iron’ in the first place.

This kind of straightener is unsuitable if you are gunning for a wavy style as it would naturally flatten your hair. This kind of straightener might reduce the volume of your thin/fine hair.

Round Plates

This kind of hair straightener is not as common as the others. It is specifically used for curly styles. This might not be a home-use kind of straightener as you may not be able to achieve your desired style on your own. So, you may not want to go for this kind of hair straightener with limited hairstyling skills.


Since there are various brands of hair straighteners out there, it is very easy to get confused on the one to buy even after determining the one best for your hair type. It is advisable to check out multiple reviews and weigh the pro and cons of each product.

You should also remember that a famous brand is not necessarily the best product. Sometimes, newer brands embrace the latest technology and develop more modern products adjusted to your needs.

So, don’t be reluctant to try out an unpopular brand. You should regularly check your hair straightener before and after every use for any faults to avoid any damage to your hair or person.