18 Fabulously Dorothy Hamill Haircut 2024: A Signature Style Through Time

dorothy hamill haircut
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Dorothy Hamill, an icon not only in the world of figure skating but also in the realm of hair fashion, left an enduring imprint on style and culture that resonates even today. Emerging into the limelight as the gold medalist in women’s singles at the 1976 Winter Olympics, Hamill popularized a unique hairstyle that would later carry her name—the “Dorothy Hamill Haircut.” This style, characterized by its wedge shape and short bob cut, transcended the confines of the skating rink and became a staple in hair fashion across the globe.

The Dorothy Hamill Haircut: An Overview

The original Dorothy Hamill haircut is a variation of a bob cut, designed with precision to showcase a sleek, wedge-shaped silhouette. It comprises short hair at the back, cut in a semi-circular motion, which gradually lengthens as it reaches the front. This layered approach provides a flip-out effect on the lower side, enhancing the wedge shape and adding an attractive dynamic to the look.

Influenced by Hamill’s iconic stature, the hairstyle became a sensation during the late 70s and early 80s, dictating the hair fashion trend of the era. Beyond its initial popularity, the Dorothy Hamill haircut left a lasting legacy in hair fashion, providing inspiration for numerous variations that cater to different face shapes, hair types, and personal style preferences.

18 Variations of the Dorothy Hamill Haircut 2024

Long Wedge Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Long Wedge Haircut

Retaining the essential characteristics of the original style, the long wedge haircut integrates longer layers and adds a modern twist to the classic wedge look. This style is suitable for individuals with oval and square face shapes and thick, straight hair types. To maintain this style, frequent trimming is advised to preserve the distinct layered effect.

Old Traditional Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Old Traditional Haircut

The old traditional haircut harks back to the original Dorothy Hamill style, maintaining the iconic short length and wedge shape. This style suits most face shapes and straight hair types. Regular shaping and conditioning are necessary to keep the hairstyle looking fresh and neat.

Special Mid-Part Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Special Mid-Part Haircut

The special mid-part haircut is a Dorothy Hamill-inspired style that incorporates a distinct middle parting. This variation is ideal for individuals with round or heart-shaped faces and straight or wavy hair. Routine trims and deep conditioning treatments can help maintain this style’s clean and sleek appearance.

Short-length Bob Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Short-length Bob Haircut

The short-length bob is a condensed version of the Hamill haircut, characterized by its succinct length and sleek design. This style is ideal for those with oval faces and thin, straight hair. To maintain its chic aesthetic, frequent trims and shine-enhancing hair products are recommended.

The Mushroom Cut

Dorothy Hamill The Mushroom Cut

The mushroom cut, aptly named due to its rounded silhouette, is a fun take on the Dorothy Hamill style. Suitable for heart and round face shapes and thick hair types, this style can be maintained with regular trims and conditioning treatments to ensure the round shape stays intact.

Side Swept Hair Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Side Swept Hair Haircut

The side-swept haircut adds an asymmetrical twist to the Hamill cut. Best for square or oval face shapes with straight hair, it can be maintained by regular trimming and the use of a quality hair gel to hold the style.

New Bixie Cut

Dorothy Hamill New Bixie Cut

The new Bixie cut fuses the bob and pixie styles, offering a hybrid that is both modern and reminiscent of the original Hamill cut. Ideal for oval and heart-shaped faces with straight or wavy hair, this cut requires frequent trims to preserve its distinct shape.

Curtain Bangs Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Curtain Bangs Haircut

The curtain bangs haircut combines the classic Hamill cut with modern, face-framing bangs. It’s an excellent choice for those with heart or round face shapes and works best with straight to wavy hair. To keep the style looking its best, frequent trims and the use of smoothing serums or sprays are suggested.

Blooming Pixie Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Blooming Pixie Haircut

The blooming pixie haircut integrates elements of the pixie cut, offering a layered and voluminous variation of the Hamill style. Perfect for oval and square face shapes with any hair type, this haircut requires routine trims and the use of volumizing hair products to maintain its full-bodied appearance.

New Look Blonde Haircut

Dorothy Hamill New Look Blonde Haircut

The new look blonde haircut adds a color dimension to the classic Hamill style, ideal for those wanting to make a bold statement. It suits all face shapes and hair types. The use of color-protecting shampoos and conditioners, as well as regular trims, is necessary to maintain this style.

Trendy Wavy Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Trendy Wavy Haircut

The trendy wavy haircut adapts the Hamill cut to suit natural waves, creating a playful and relaxed style. Ideal for round or oval face shapes with wavy hair, this style can be maintained with regular trims and the use of curl-enhancing products.

Thick Gorgeous Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Thick Gorgeous Haircut

The thick gorgeous haircut is a Dorothy Hamill-inspired style designed to showcase the beauty of thick hair. Suitable for any face shape and thick hair type, this style can be kept in shape with regular trims and deep conditioning treatments.

Simple Clean Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Simple Clean Haircut

The simple clean haircut hones in on the classic simplicity of the original Hamill cut, offering a neat and minimalistic style. Ideal for all face shapes and straight hair types, this haircut requires frequent trims and regular conditioning to maintain its sleek appearance.

Classy Style Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Classy Style Haircut

The classy style haircut offers an elegant twist on the Hamill style, blending the classic bob with a hint of modern sophistication. This style is suitable for oval and heart-shaped faces and straight or wavy hair types. To maintain its chic look, regular trims and high-quality shine-enhancing products are recommended.

Layered Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Layered Haircut

The layered haircut uses different hair lengths to add depth and dimension to the classic Hamill cut. Ideal for all face shapes and all hair types, this style requires routine trims and the use of a smoothing serum to control layers and prevent frizz.

Short Bowl Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Short Bowl Haircut

The short bowl haircut, reminiscent of the mushroom cut, offers a geometric twist on the Hamill style. Best for round and heart-shaped faces with straight hair, this cut can be maintained with frequent shaping and conditioning.

Forehead Blunt Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Forehead Blunt Haircut

The forehead blunt haircut integrates a blunt fringe into the Hamill style, adding an edge to the classic look. This variation suits square and oval face shapes and straight or wavy hair types. Frequent trims and the use of a smoothing serum can help keep the blunt fringe looking sharp.

Medium Style Haircut

Dorothy Hamill Medium Style Haircut

The medium-style haircut offers a longer variation of the original Hamill style, making it a versatile choice. Suitable for all face shapes and hair types, this cut can be maintained with regular trims and deep conditioning treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the original Dorothy Hamill Haircut?

The original Dorothy Hamill haircut is a short bob-style haircut characterized by its wedge shape, with shorter hair at the back and layers that gradually lengthen towards the front.

Which Dorothy Hamill Haircut is best for my face shape?

The best Dorothy Hamill haircut for you depends on your specific face shape. For instance, the mushroom cut suits heart and round face shapes, while the long wedge haircut suits oval and square faces. Consulting with a professional stylist is recommended to identify the best Hamill-inspired style for you.

How do I maintain a Dorothy Hamill Haircut?

Maintaining a Dorothy Hamill haircut generally involves regular trims to keep the shape intact. Depending on the specific variation and your hair type, you may also need specific hair products such as volumizing products for a blooming pixie haircut, or color-protecting products for a new-look blonde haircut.

Are these variations of the Dorothy Hamill Haircut still in fashion?

Absolutely! While the original Dorothy Hamill haircut is a classic, its variations have evolved to suit contemporary hair fashion trends. Styles such as the layered haircut, curtain bangs haircut, and the new Bixie cut to remain in vogue and are often spotted on the fashion runway and the streets.

How can I modernize the classic Dorothy Hamill Haircut?

Modernizing the classic Dorothy Hamill haircut can be as simple as adding some subtle changes like curtain bangs or color highlights. You can also opt for a longer version of the cut or try a hybrid style like the Bixie cut. Again, a professional stylist can provide the best advice based on your hair type and personal preferences.


The Dorothy Hamill haircut, a distinctive style that emerged in the 70s, continues to inspire hairstylists and fashion enthusiasts alike. Its influence has given birth to a myriad of variations, each carrying the classic wedge silhouette’s spirit while catering to different tastes, face shapes, and hair types.

From the long wedge haircut to the simple clean style, the 18 variations explored in this article demonstrate the enduring appeal and versatility of the original Dorothy Hamill haircut. Regardless of whether you’re seeking a bold change or a subtle shift in your hairstyle, the Dorothy Hamill-inspired cuts offer an array of choices that blend timeless elegance with contemporary trends.

So, whether you are a figure skating enthusiast, a fan of the iconic Hamill, or simply someone searching for a new hairdo, there’s a Hamill cut that’s perfectly tailored for you. Embrace the legacy of this classic style, and let the Dorothy Hamill haircut’s enduring appeal shape your next hair fashion statement.