Top 10 Patrick Mahomes Haircuts 2024 (With Pictures)

patrick mahomes haircut
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Patrick Mahomes’ haircut has become a unique and iconic feature, with his distinctive hairstyle garnering widespread attention and admiration. We explore the evolution of Patrick Mahomes Haircut, from its early stages to its current trendy status.

The Kansas city chiefs quarterback has embraced a daring and stylish look, regularly incorporating braids, designs, and vibrant colors into his hair. Mahomes’ haircut not only makes a strong fashion statement but has also become a symbol of his confidence and individuality.

Fans and aspiring trendsetters alike eagerly anticipate each new haircut, as Mahomes continues to redefine the boundaries of style on and off the football field.

5 Best Patric Mahomes Hairstyles 2024

Patrick Mahomes, the talented quarterback for the kansas city chiefs, is not only known for his exceptional skills on the field but also for his unique and trendy hairstyles. From bold colors to intricate designs, Mahomes has never shied away from experimenting with his hair.

We write here, the 5 best patrick mahomes hairstyles that have left fans in awe.

Classic Afro-Style With A Twist

Classic Afro-Style With A Twist

Mahomes’ classic afro style is a crowd favorite. This hairstyle features his natural curly hair in all its glory, showcasing his vibrant personality. To add a subtle twist, he often opts for colorful highlights, bringing a sense of excitement and individuality to the look. This bold choice perfectly complements his vibrant on-field persona.

Faux-Hawk With A Creative Touch

Faux-Hawk With A Creative Touch

The faux-hawk is a go-to style for many individuals, and Patrick Mahomes has certainly mastered it. This hairstyle involves shaving the sides of the head while leaving a longer strip of hair in the center. What sets Mahomes’ faux-hawk apart is his creative touch. He often incorporates intricate designs, such as zigzags or lightning bolts, into the shaved portion of his head. This adds an extra element of uniqueness and sets him apart from the rest.

Subtle Undercut

Patric Mahomes Subtle Undercut

The subtle undercut hairstyle is a more refined and sophisticated choice, and Mahomes pulls it off effortlessly. This style involves slightly shaving the hair on the sides and back while leaving the top longer. Mahomes often pairs this look with a well-groomed beard, giving him a polished appearance both on and off the field. The subtle undercut showcases his versatility and ability to effortlessly adapt to different styles.

Braided Top Knot

Braided Top Knot

Combining the stylishness of braids with the trendy appeal of a top knot, the braided top knot hairstyle is a unique choice that Patrick Mahomes has embraced. This style involves braiding the longer hair on top and tying it into a neat knot. The braided top knot not only looks fashionable but also serves a practical purpose, keeping Mahomes’ hair out of his face during intense matches. This hairstyle perfectly balances style and functionality.

Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut

Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut

When it comes to rocking bold and daring hairstyles, patrick mahomes never hesitates. His platinum blonde buzz cut is a testament to his fearless approach to hair. Mahomes’ platinum blonde buzz cut showcases his versatility and willingness to push boundaries. This edgy style not only adds a touch of rebellion but also accentuates his features, making for an eye-catching look on the field.

Whether Patrick Mahomes is sporting his classic afro style or experimenting with bolder choices like a platinum blonde buzz cut, his hairstyles always make a statement. His ability to seamlessly switch up his look while maintaining his personal style is just another reason why he is not only an icon on the field, but also a trendsetter in the world of hair fashion.

Step-By-Step Guide On Achieving Patrick Mahomes’ Haircut

If you’ve been admiring Patrick Mahomes’ stylish and unique haircut, you’re not alone. This NFL superstar is not only known for his incredible skills on the football field but also for his signature hairstyle. If you’re eager to sport the same look, here is a step-by-step guide to achieving Patrick Mahomes iconic haircut:

Gather The Necessary Supplies:

  • Clippers or scissors
  • Comb
  • Mirror
  • Hair spray or styling gel

Steps To Achieving The Patrick Mahomes’ Haircut:

Decide on the length:

  • Determine how long you want the hair on top to be.
  • Keep in mind that Mahomes typically have a slightly longer length on top, allowing for more styling options.

Create a fade:

  • Gradually transition from short hair on the sides and back to longer hair on top.
  • Use clippers or scissors to carefully trim the hair to achieve a clean, even fade.
  • Blend the different lengths seamlessly for a polished look.

Trim the top:

  • Use scissors or clippers to trim the hair on top to the desired length.
  • Maintain some length for styling purposes, as Mahomes’ haircut often features a textured and tousled appearance.

Shape the hair:

  • Use a comb or your fingers to style the hair on top in the desired direction.
  • Mahomes often opt for a messy and slightly disheveled look, so feel free to add some texture and volume.

Apply styling products:

  • To achieve the desired hold and texture, apply a small amount of hair spray or styling gel.
  • Work the product through your hair, focusing on the top for maximum control and hold.

Final touches:

  • Use a mirror to check the overall look and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Ensure that your hair is styled to your liking and resembles Patrick Mahomes’ signature haircut.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can achieve a haircut reminiscent of Patrick Mahomes’ iconic style. Remember to personalize it according to your preferences and adapt it to suit your unique hair characteristics. Now you can confidently rock an impressive hairstyle inspired by the NFL’s finest.

Patrick Mahomes Haircut And Influence

Patrick Mahomes Haircut And Influence

With his explosive play on the football field, patrick mahomes has become not only a sports icon but also a fashion trendsetter. Known for his impressive arm talent and captivating plays, Mahomes has also caught the attention of fans and followers with his unique and ever-changing hairstyles.

Let’s explore the influence of Patrick Mahomes’ haircut and how it has impacted popular culture.

The Evolution Of Mahomes’ Hairstyles:

  • Wild curls: Mahomes burst onto the scene with his signature wild curls, allowing his natural hair to shine in all its glory. This bold and unconventional style quickly became his trademark.
  • The headband look: Keeping his luscious curls intact, Mahomes added a touch of flair by sporting a headband. This hairstyle not only helped keep his hair in place during intense game moments but also added a dash of style to his overall appearance.
  • The taper fades: Stepping up his grooming game, Mahomes experimented with a stylish taper fade haircut. This clean-cut look showcased his professionalism while still maintaining his individuality.
  • The mohawk: Never one to shy away from making a statement, Mahomes embraced the edgy side of hairstyles with a fresh mohawk. This bold choice further solidified his place as a fashion trailblazer.

Influence On Popular Culture:

  • Trendsetter: Patrick Mahomes’ bold choice of hairstyles has inspired countless individuals to experiment with their own looks. His influence extends beyond the football field, making waves in popular culture and even inspiring hair salon trends.
  • Social media buzz: With every new hairdo, social media platforms buzz with discussions and debates over Mahomes’ latest choice. From Twitter to Instagram, fans eagerly await his next haircut, sparking conversations and admiration from all corners of the internet.
  • Barber culture: The impact of Mahomes hairstyles can be felt in the barber community as well. Many barbers now offer “Patrick Mahomes-inspired” haircuts as part of their repertoire, attracting clients who want to channel their inner Mahomes.
  • Iconic representation: Just as his athleticism and skills have made him an icon in the sports world, Mahomes’ unique hairstyles have become part of his persona. They represent his confidence, individuality, and willingness to push boundaries, making him even more relatable to his fans.

The Evolution Of Patrick Mahomes’ Haircut

Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback of the kansas city chiefs, has not only made a name for himself on the football field but has also left fans in awe of his ever-evolving hairstyle. From his rookie season to the present day, Mahomes has sported a variety of haircuts that have sparked conversations and trends.

Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of Patrick Mahomes haircut:

The Early Years: Tamed And Trimmed

During his early years in college and his first NFL season, Mahomes opted for a more conservative and classic hairstyle. With a neatly trimmed and tamed haircut, he showcased a clean and polished look on and off the field.

The Frohawk: A Bold Statement

As Mahomes gained more recognition and confidence in his game, he decided to experiment with his hair. The frohawk became his signature style, combining versatility and boldness. This edgy and distinctive haircut captured the attention of fans and photographers alike.

  • A unique blend of fro and a mohawk, showcasing his daring personality.
  • It symbolized his willingness to take risks and stand out among his peers.
  • The frohawk quickly became a popular choice among football fans, inspiring a new trend.

The Flow: Embracing The Locks

As Mahomes reached new heights in his career, his hairstyle took on a more relaxed and carefree look. The flow, characterized by long and flowing locks, became synonymous with his off-field persona. This style not only exuded confidence but also portrayed him as a fun-loving individual.

  • The flow: Growing out his hair and letting it flow freely, showcasing a laid-back and effortless vibe.
  • It reflected his free-spirited nature and added a touch of individuality to his appearance.
  • The flow became a standout feature of Patrick Mahomes’ image, setting him apart from other athletes.

The Braids: A Tribute To His Culture

In recent times, Mahomes has chosen to pay tribute to his African-American heritage by embracing braided hairstyles. With intricate and stylish braids, he showcases his cultural pride while still maintaining a fashionable and trendy look.

  • The braids: A nod to his roots and an expression of cultural appreciation.
  • It highlights his authenticity and serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity.
  • Mahomes’ braided hairstyles have become a symbol of unity and inclusiveness in the world of sports.

Through the years, Patrick Mahomes’ haircuts have become as iconic as his performances on the football field. His willingness to experiment and embrace different styles has not only sparked trends but also allowed him to showcase his personality and individuality.

Whether it’s the classic trim or the braided look, Mahomes continues to evolve, captivating fans with his ever-changing hairstyle.

Why Is Mahomes’ Haircut So Popular?

Why Is Mahomes' Haircut So Popular

Patrick Mahomes, the talented quarterback of the kansas city chiefs, has not just made a name for himself on the football field but has also become quite the style icon with his unique and eye-catching haircut. So, what is it about Mahomes’ haircut that has captured the attention and admiration of so many?

Let’s dive in and explore the reasons behind the immense popularity of his iconic hairstyle.

It’s The Perfect Blend Of Style And Individuality

Mahomes’ haircut stands out for its distinctive, bold, and fearless look. The combination of a shaved undercut and long, curly hair on the top creates a striking contrast that exudes confidence and self-expression. This fusion of style and individuality is undoubtedly one of the key factors that have made his haircut so popular.

The versatility of his hairstyle cannot be overlooked either. Mahomes can easily switch up his look, whether he wants to sport a sleek and polished appearance on the red carpet or embrace a more carefree and tousled vibe during a game.

This adaptability adds an element of intrigue to his overall style and keeps people curious about what he’ll do next with his hair.

Reflects His Personality And Brand

Mahomes’ haircut has become not just a personal style statement but also a part of his brand. The audacious and confident look he rocks on the field perfectly complements his playing style and persona. It’s a hairstyle that reflects his boldness, creativity, and fearlessness as an athlete.

Moreover, his unique haircut has become an instantly recognizable trademark, making it easier for fans and followers to associate the style with Patrick Mahomes. This connection between his hair and his personal brand has undoubtedly contributed to the immense popularity and interest surrounding the hairstyle.

Inspires Others To Embrace Their Uniqueness

The popularity of Mahomes’ haircut goes beyond solely being a fan of the quarterback or his team. It has become an inspiration for many individuals who seek to express their individuality through their hairdos. Mahomes’ fearless approach to his haircut encourages others to embrace their own uniqueness and be confident in their personal style choices.

Provides A Sense Of Connection And Community

Mahomes’ haircut has sparked conversations and created a sense of connection among fans and followers. People from all walks of life, regardless of their football knowledge, can engage in discussions about his hairstyle. It serves as a common ground for people to connect, share opinions, and even experiment with their own hair.

Patrick Mahomes’ haircut has surpassed the realms of football and becomes a statement of style and individuality. Its popularity lies in its perfect blend of unique aesthetics, the reflection of its personality and brand, and the inspiration it provides to others.

With his iconic hairstyle, Mahomes continues to captivate not only the football world but also the fashion-forward individuals who admire his bold and confident approach to personal style.

How To Maintain A Haircut Like Patrick Mahomes

How To Maintain A Haircut Like Patrick Mahomes

If you’re a fan of Patrick Mahomes iconic hairstyle and want to achieve and maintain a similar look, here are some tips and tricks to help you rock the Mahomes haircut:

Using The Right Products:

  • Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to add body and texture to your hair.
  • Apply a small amount of lightweight mousse to damp hair to enhance volume and hold.
  • Finish off with a light-hold hairspray to keep your style in place throughout the day.

Styling Techniques:

  • Start by blow-drying your hair using a round brush to create volume at the roots.
  • Use a comb or your fingers to gently tousle your hair while blow-drying to achieve a messy, textured look.
  • For added dimension, consider using a texturizing spray or wax to separate the strands and create a more defined look.

Regular Trims:

  • Schedule regular visits to your hairstylist every 4-6 weeks to maintain the shape and length of your haircut.
  • Communicate with your stylist to ensure they understand the specific style and shape you’re aiming for.

Healthy Haircare Routine:

  • Keep your hair healthy by using a deep conditioning treatment once a week.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling and use a heat protectant spray when using hot tools.
  • Protect your hair from sun exposure by wearing a hat or applying a leave-in conditioner with spf.

Remember, while Patrick Mahomes’ haircut may be trendy and eye-catching, it’s essential to find a style that suits your face shape and hair type. Experiment and have fun with your hair, but also consider what works best for you. With the right products, techniques, and maintenance routine, you can rock a stylish and well-maintained haircut just like Patrick Mahomes.

Frequently Asked Questions On Patrick Mahomes Haircut

What Is Patrick Mahomes’ Current Haircut?

Patrick Mahomes currently rocks a stylish and trendy tapered fade haircut, popular among men.

How Does Patrick Mahomes Style His Hair?

Patrick Mahomes styles his hair by keeping the top longer and slicking it back, creating a polished and sleek look.

What Products Does Patrick Mahomes Use For His Hair?

Although Patrick Mahomes hasn’t disclosed specific products, he likely uses pomades or styling gels to achieve his hairstyle.

Can I Get Patrick Mahomes’ Haircut If I Have Curly Hair?

Certainly! You can still rock Patrick mahomes’ haircut with curly hair by finding a skilled barber who can adapt the cut to your hair texture.

How Often Does Patrick Mahomes Get A Haircut?

The frequency of Patrick Mahomes’ haircuts may vary, but he typically gets a trim every few weeks to maintain his stylish look.


Patrick Mahomes’ haircut has captured the attention of fans and sports enthusiasts alike. His unique style has become a defining feature of his persona both on and off the field. With his flashy hairdo, Mahomes has further solidified his status as a trendsetter and icon in the sports world.

His hair has become a topic of conversation, with fans often debating the best iteration of his ever-evolving style. Whether it’s the signature mohawk or his classic short cut, Mahomes seems to effortlessly rock any look he chooses. But beyond the aesthetics, Mahomes’ haircut is also a reflection of his confidence and personality.

It adds an element of style to his game, allowing him to not only stand out as a phenomenal athlete but also as a fashion influencer. As Patrick mahomes continues to dominate the football field, it’s clear that his haircut is not just a hairstyle, but a statement of his individuality and self-expression.