The 10 Best Hair Dryers 2024 According to Hair Experts

Best Hair Dryers

What would you consider to be the most crucial aspect of your hair care routine? Starting with the cleanliness of your hair–what type of shampoo and conditioner is best for your hair type? Keratin, clarifying, neutralizing, sulfate-free, or even dry shampoo are all options available to you. When it comes to styling, do you know the correct type of brushes or combs to use for your hair type?

Using a paddle brush, for instance, works best on curly hair that needs to be detangled. A wide-toothed comb would be more useful on curly hair, while a finely-toothed comb would be of little use on curly hair unless the person wanted to spend hours dividing their hair into small sections.

Any product used in your hair could damage it–especially hair dryers, depending on how fine your hair is, and what your hair care routine is, excessive and/or constant heat could damage it to the point where you have to wait until you can grow it back out and cut the damaged sections away. The best hair dryers are listed below, the hair dryer that we choose for you by the hour to hour continuous research from more than 50 alternatives.

How can you, as the customer, decide on what the best hair dryer is for you to buy? While this seems like a difficult question, as there are several types of hair dryers, it is straightforward and entirely based on your wants and needs.

Consider your hair texture–if your hair is more fine and straight than thick and curly, then you will not need a high-powered hair dryer that has ten different heat settings, for example. If your hair is thick and curly, it may benefit you to have several different heat settings, as that could dictate the style you are attempting, and how quickly you succeed at it.

Our Top Picks

Product FeaturesMotor (watts) Heat/Speed Price
Elchim 3900 Healthy Hair Dryerceramic, Ionic2400 watts3 / 2Check Price
Dyson Supersonic Hair DryerPlastic1600 watts4 / 3Check Price
CHI 2 - Touch Screen Hair DryerRubber1875 watts-Check Price
Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000-1875 watts-Check Price
BaBylissPRO Portofino Hair DryerNano Titanium2000 watts6 / 2Check Price
REVLON One-Step Hair DryerNylon1100 watts3 / 2Check Price
ghd Air Hair DryerIonic 1600 watts3 / 2Check Price
Conair 1875-Watt Hair DryerCeramic, Ionic1875 watts3 / 2Check Price
Solano Supersolano Hair DryerCeramic, Tourmaline1800 watts3 / 2Check Price
Rusk Engineering 2000 Watt DryerCeramic, Tourmaline2000 watts2 / 2Check Price

10 Best Hair Dryers 2024 Review

Best Overall: Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

What We Like

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Dries your hair up to 30% faster than other hair dryers on the market today.
  • More powerful and more effective.
  • Several styling abilities.
  • Ionic and ceramic heating technology.
  • Noiseless motor.
  • Suitable for creating any type of hair look.

What We Don’t Like

  • No, we love this product!

Ionic and Ceramic Technology

The Elchim Ionic Hair Dryer is a sleek, black ceramic hair dryer that uses ionic and ceramic systems to create an airflow system that is gentle enough for all hair types and does not damage even the curliest and thickest hair. This system is how it can have low EMF.

This hair dryer contains options for three different temperatures and has two air speeds, including a Cold Air button. Its product description boasts that it cuts the drying time of anyone who uses it by at least 30%.

Lightweight Design

Due to its ionic and ceramic system, it is a lightweight hair dryer that does not come with the same noise complaints that one may have had in the past, making it perfect for use in almost any surroundings.

The system it operates under also rids the user of any chance of static electricity occurring in their hair, which has always been an annoyance, especially if you are trying to style your hair completely straight, as well as not wishing to be hit by a discharge in your hair.

Accessories and Attachments

When you purchase this product, it not only comes as a hair dryer, but it also comes with accessories–two separate nozzles–with the option of buying a Cocoon diffuser. The hair dryer has two hair concentrators that are built into the dryer, held in place by a quick lock system and are correctly used to help you use the hair dryer at a higher temperature without damaging your hair.


The two nozzles have two separate functions–one for styling your hair and the other for brushing your hair. Lastly, its handle is also ergonomic, so it makes for a more comfortable grip, and you are less likely to drop and damage your hair dryer. This product dries your hair very quickly.

It can be used to style any hair into a smooth, lovely style. The added attachments make it easier to style your hair without disrupting the form you are creating. Is generally used in the long term, and holds up reasonably well. Its ergonomic handle makes it easier to maneuver and style your hair, which in turn cuts out the amount of time you need to style.

While this product gives you smooth hair, it requires that you use it at a lower setting, so that can be a pain if you are in a hurry. While this product works best on long, thick, or curly hair, it can mess up your styling if you have short, fine hair and want to use a higher speed/heat setting.

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Best For All Hair Types: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

What We Like

  • Dries quickly without the frizz.
  • Contains magnetic attachments.
  • Uses sensors to determine the best heat level.
  • Ergonomic design reduces strain on your wrists.
  • Reduces drying time by as much as 50%.
  • Can be used on any hair type.
  • 4 heat settings, 3-speed settings.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Lightweight.

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Heat Settings

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is a lightweight dryer that contains four distinct heat settings (fast drying, regular drying, gentle drying, and constant cold) and three different speed settings (fast drying, regular drying, and gentle drying).

Its system is so specific and complex that it is designed to keep a constant measurement of the temperature that the dryer is outputting, to make sure that it is putting out the right temperature. That also goes with the fact that the outside is explicitly designed to be cool to the touch via advancements in heat shield technology.

Lightweight System

The lightweight system comes from the fact that the handle contains the motor and it uses convection to heat the air that is blowing out. Because of this placement in the handle and use of convection, this hair dryer is relatively quiet. The Dyson is also a fast-drying hair dryer, using highly contained, high-speed velocity airflow, of around 1600w.

Nozzle Attachments

This hair dryer contains several attachments–the smoothing nozzle, a diffuser, and a single styling concentrator. If you do not use this product daily, it can be a costly purchase to make to only use occasionally. There have been some customer reports of the dryer just not working one day, no matter how often they restart it or clean the filter.

Magnetic Attachments

Magnet attachments allow for easy detachment and reattachment at a moment’s notice. The even-contained air flow allows for your hair to dry quickly but also cuts down on any extra frizz. Can dry your hair with less heat, no matter the thickness of your hair, and specifically contains sensors to give you the best temperature level.

The motor in the handle and how the rest of the weight of the hair dryer is distributed makes it easier on you/your wrists while styling and allows you to style your hair for longer.

Heat Control

The heat control allows you to hold the dryer as close to your hair as you want to while styling and is said to cut off about 30-50% of the drying time. It can be used on any hair type, even if your hair is thin and fine, because of its temperature-specific technology–it would be tough for you to damage your hair using this product (while of course, it is possible).

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Best For Thick Hair: CHI Touch 2 Dryer

CHI Touch 2 Dryer

What We Like

  • Touchscreen instead of buttons.
  • 3D ion-generation technology was used.
  • The user can adjust heat and speed quickly.
  • Reduces drying time.
  • Control how much volume you want.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Ergonomic design.

What We Don’t Like

  • Can only use associated products.
  • The touchscreen is hard to use.
  • Cannot use if hands are damp.

Touchscreen System

Taking the latest in technological advances, the Chi Touch dryer features a 2.4-inch touch screen that uses a 3D ion generation system. This touch screen system allows you to accurately input the air speed, temperature, or ion level you want to use while drying your hair. Its main feature of interest is its claim that it provides both a regular, consistent temperature and damp heat.

It is also very lightweight and contains an unusual feature–a customizable speedometer. This speedometer allows the user to change the settings regarding speed, ionic output, and temperature. It includes 1800w of power.

Standing Dryer

This dryer also contains a stand that allows you to use it as a standing up/no hands dryer–a true salon experience. The size of this dryer allows it to move easily, no matter what position you want to hold or place it in. This dryer comes with a diffuser and an airflow nozzle, along with a silk cushion and an iron guard spray.

Temperature Setting

The dryer uses a touch screen instead of having extra buttons on the side of the hair dryer. The touch screen gives you so much more specific control over the temperature and air speed than other dryers, and especially the ion (volume) setting.

This hair dryer provides a lot of volume, due to its damp heat temperature setting. The damp heat cuts down on the amount of frizz and damage the hair undergoes while reducing the drying time by as much as 50% in some cases.

Associated products

It is recommended by the makers of Chi that you only use their related products with this hair dryer, which can limit who can use it effectively and without any damage to their hair. It has also been noted in customer reviews that it is somewhat difficult to use the touch screen while actually using the hair dryer, as you need to completely stop what you are doing to physically look at the screen and make adjustments–not just be able to push a button a few times and adjust it from there.

Your hands need to be completely dry before you can use the touch screen. Also, as this dryer contains a touch screen, it is recommended that you spend time learning how to use it and its settings so that you do not accidentally damage both your hair or your hair dryer.

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Best For Frizzy Hair: Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

What We Like

  • Lightweight, quiet, and ergonomic.
  • Reduced drying time.
  • Extra long 11′ cord used.
  • Not as much frizz.
  • Built for traveling.
  • Multiple speed and heat speed settings.
  • Several hair types are welcome.

What We Don’t Like

  • Very expensive.
  • Can buy elsewhere.

As a dryer whose origins and manufacturing are located in France, the Harry Josh Pro Dryer has been engineered to be both lightweight and quieter than the old-school hair dryers. It contains a longer than the normal cord of 11 inches, built for travel.

Ergonomic Design

Its ergonomic design makes for easier handling and allows the user to style their hair for however long they wish while reducing the strain on their wrist and arm. The dryer contains several settings for not only speed but heat levels as well–depending on whichever hair type it’s being used for.


The dryer comes with two concentrator attachments. You can remove the nozzle, but it is not recommended to use it without the nozzle. Contains an ionic blow drying component, which can be turned on or off, depending on the average levels of frizz or flyaways that your hair usually accumulates.

From my experience, I see it’s the product has reduced its drying time in reviews by 50%, while also being able to go longer in between uses and also using it for touch-ups and the like.


However, this is the same product (Velecta Paramount) that is manufactured and sold in France for exactly half the price. The only difference between this product and the Velecta Paramount is that the Harry Josh Dryer is mint green in color and comes with a picture of Harry Josh. It does not contain a comb attachment at all.

There is a diffuser attachment that you would have to buy separately from the hair dryer. While it is manufactured in France, it cannot be used in Europe unless it has an adapter. Remember that while it is not particularly loud, it is not unusually quiet either–so this is something to keep in mind if you wanted to keep the noise level down due to convenience or a health issue, like a migraine.

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Best For Natural Hair: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer

What We Like

  • Does not need as long to dry.
  • Nano titanium technology.
  • Can change speed and heat settings.
  • Professional grade dryer.
  • Lightweight and quiet.
  • Works just as powerfully in each setting.

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive.

Nano Titanium Technology

The Portofino 6600 is a marvel of technological engineering, as it contains a 2000-watt motor of Italian origin and Nano titanium technology. This Nanotechnology enables the dryer to distribute the outflow of heat evenly. It comes with two concentrator nozzles for you to choose from while styling.

Heat Settings

The great benefit of this nanotechnology is the fact that it cuts down on the frizz and flyaways you would get with a different hair dryer, giving you smooth-out, shiny hair no matter what texture it is. The Portofino 6600 contains six heat settings for you to choose from, along with an ionic generator.

This product includes a stainless steel filter in its rear and is widely regarded as one of the most excellent professional hair dryers out on the market for general sale.

Ionic Generator

The ionic generator is there to not only get rid of any static electricity in your hair but also to smooth and close away the cuticles in your hair to keep your style looking perfect for as long as possible.

Being able to choose between the heat settings and the speed guarantees that your hair will look amazing for much longer, as well as not sustain any damage while in use. It also drastically cuts down the amount of drying time, which is good for your hair and scalp as it is not under a) harsh heat and b) for very long.


It also comes with a diffuser, and three nozzles in three different sizes (small, medium, and large). The handle is also slightly ergonomic, as it conforms to your hand width and does not strain your wrists as much with its lightweight design.

Quiet Design

This dryer is much smoother in design. This powerful motor will cause you to throw out any other tool that you use on your hair that requires heat, especially a straightening tool, e.g. flat iron (we have a list of top 10 best flat iron reviews). A professional, salon-grade hair dryer that is a great buy, especially for those who use hair dryers on a consistent or daily basis.

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Best Budget: Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Volumizer

What We Like

  • Less heat damage.
  • Salon brand.
  • One step to use.
  • Unique Oval Brush Design.
  • Several speed and heat settings.
  • For right heat, it provides 1100 Watt power.
  • Uses ionic technology to combat frizz.

What We Don’t Like

  • Can only be used in the US.
  • Prone to breaking down.

Revlon’s One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is one of the unique-looking hair dryers on this list. Boasting on its “one-stop dryer” use, Revlon purports that you use this product not only as a dryer but also as a volumizer styling tool.

Brush Design

The brush design is oval and round–oval to smooth the hair out, while round creates volume in the hair. The brush head’s configuration contains a wavy airflow to allow the hair to dry faster and will enable the brush to reach every strand. The tufted bristles are made from Nylon Pins, which help with volume control, better detangling, and control while using the dryer.

It claims that those who use the product can do their blowouts in half the usual time it takes, as the hair dryer is both a “brush” (volumizer) and a hair dryer.

Voltage Converter

It uses 120V in the United States only, and cannot be used with a voltage converter. It also contains 1100 Watts of power and is one of the few volumizers that can be placed and used close to the scalp, without burning. It contains two different heat and speed settings, along with a cooling setting. That ensures that more than one or two different hair types can use this product.

Single Step Use

Using this product eliminates the need for any other products and allows the user to dry, straighten, and add volume to their hair in a single step, from the roots to the ends of their hair.

That is a salon-style hair dryer, that also uses ionic technology to reduce and take away static electricity, flyaways, and frizz by using negative ions to reduce the size of water droplets. This lightweight design, ensured by the fact that it is both a brush and a hair dryer in one, makes it easier on your wrists and arms while using.

Time Gained

Using this product drastically reduces the amount of time you will spend in front of a mirror, styling your hair, especially if you have super long and thick hair. You can get smooth blowouts in up to Half the Time. This hair dryer and volumizer are easy to use not only for the experienced user but also a new user.

Best Luxury: ghd Air Professional Hair Dryer

ghd Air Professional Hair Dryer

What We Like

  • Cool Set Feature.
  • Reduces drying time.
  • Ionic technology smooths hair out.
  • Style your hair anywhere.
  • AC motor.

What We Don’t Like

  • Prone to breaking.
  • Difficult to remove attachments.

Ionic Technology

First launched in 2001, the ghd Air Dryer is a professional-grade hair dryer that uses ionic technology to dry the hair in a record amount of time, without any of the damage or frizz found in commercial hair dryers.

It is recommended that you use the Air Dryer’s products with it, especially if you want to add volume to your hair. Use the Heat Protection Spray and Total Volume Foam (which also contains protection from the heat of the hair dryer) to do so.

You have recommended that, use this product with small sections of hair at a time for the best finish. However, because you can only work on small sections of your hair at a time, the heat does not need to be turned up on high, so there is less damage done to your hair in general–which maintains its silky smooth texture.

AC Motor

The ghd Air Dryer contains an AC motor, making it one of the most powerful hair dryers on the market now, with its body shape designed to cut down the drying time of your hair. The ionic technology creates a silky smooth finish that does not leave your hair brittle, dry, or destroyed. The ghd Air Dryer comes with two choices of nozzles, while also granting control over the power and temperature while they finish their hair.

Cool Set

Use the Cool Set Feature to keep your style in place, by pressing it to release a cold blast of air. It is also ergonomically designed, which grants you a certain leeway in how you want to use it to style your hair. This hair dryer was specifically designed for women to take home and use to style their hair, while also maintaining a professional, salon-grade design and motor.

It also comes with a hologram code that is unique to ghd–the user should register it so that it is registered in their system–it comes with a 12 month warranty that is not honored by amazon, if you do not register your hair dryer. 

The attachments, mainly the diffuser are a bit hard to get on and off of the dryer, but it is a relatively quiet hair dryer.

Best Lightweight: Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

What We Like

  • Affordable price.
  • Powerful high-torque DC motor.
  • Tourmaline cuts down the heat damage.
  • Negative ions reduce frizz.
  • Several different heat/speed settings for styling.
  • Cold shock button.

What We Don’t Like

  • Accessories detach too easily.
  • Better for volumizing styles.

Ceramic Technology

This hair dryer uses Tourmaline Ceramic technology to avoid damaging the hair due to the high heat, while also using ionic conditioning to create smooth, silky hair that stays that way after being dried and styled.

It reduces the frizz and flyaways in your hair by about 75%, due to the release of negative ions. In the hair dryer is a lightweight DC motor that enables your hair to dry very quickly when using the dryer, as the motor allows the dryer to use very strong, yet controlled airflow to do so.

Tourmaline Technology

Because this hair dryer contains tourmaline, the heat is a lot more controlled and gentle than it would be otherwise, which in turn further reduces the chances that your hair will get heat damaged if you use this product.

Furthermore, the type of heat produced is called infrared and negative ions, which then allow the hair to be exposed to higher temperatures without the usual damage that is caused by a commercial hair dryer that you can buy anywhere.

This hair dryer contains 3 separate heat and 2 different speed settings, which always to mix and match the type of treatment they need to dry their hair without causing intentional damage.


It includes a filter that is hinged, which allows for easy opening and cleaning, to help keep the hair dryer running as smoothly as possible. There are also accessories included for styling–a diffuser (to use for textured styling) and a concentrator (to smooth your hair). There is also a cold shock button, which allows you to set your hair in style once you are finished styling it.

However, it has been pointed out that some of the accessories have a hard time staying on the hair dryer, once the hair dryer has gotten very hot–some people have to pick up the diffuser/concentrator and place it back onto the hair dryer after a while.

Specific Use

It contains 110V and is suitable for use in the United States and Canada. This dryer is great for repeated use and is one of the cheapest hair dryers on this list. However, this hair dryer is better used for those who would create curly, volumizing styles, and not only straight and sleek styles, due to the negative ions.

best For Blowouts: Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite

What We Like

  • Lightweight design.
  • Powerful DC motor at 1800 watts.
  • Tourmaline reduces frizziness.
  • Ceramic and infrared design reduces the need for higher heat.
  • Multiple settings to ensure all hair types can be used.
  • Cold shock button to set hairstyle.

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes stops working.
  • Accessories break if used continuously.

Lightweight Design

This hair dryer is powered by a powerful DC motor at 1800 watts, with a sleek, modern design of black with silver accents. Its lightweight design offers less strain and harm done to both the user’s arm and wrists.

Infrared Heat

It uses Far Infrared heat to not only reduce the frizz and flyaways you would typically get from a commercial hair dryer (especially ones that do not contain Tourmaline), but also reduce the amount of time spent under the dryer. The Far Infrared heat also uses a lower form of EMF so that you are not as exposed to as much radiation.

Ceramic Design

The ceramic incorporation of the design ensures that the heat output is evenly distributed and not concentrated in a single area. This hair dryer also contains tourmaline, which ensures that your hair, when dried, remains silky and smooth without any damage.

This hair dryer also contains tourmaline, which ensures that your hair, when dried, remains silky and smooth without any damage. Like many other hair dryers of its status, it also contains ionic technology that removes any static electricity that has been generated by your hair and the hair dryer, while also ensuring that your hair does not dry out or become brittle.


This dryer comes with two concentrators and a “cold shock” button that helps close off the cuticles in the roots of the hair. It also contains three temperature settings, along with two different speeds to choose from, to accommodate the needs of different hair textures and styles.


This hair dryer is virtually silent, however, it comes with a 12-foot-long cord that is very large and thick. That adds a lot of weight to the hair dryer itself, which is very lightweight. If you have any issues with the added weight, this may not be the hair dryer for you. It has also been noted that the accessories–the filter, the diffuser, etc. have broken due to either dropping or through everyday handling of the hair dryer.

Professional Looks

That is the hair dryer you want to buy when you want to recreate professional looks in the comfort of your own home with none of the costs associated with a salon visit, while also minimizing and completely doing away with any damage to your hair.

Best Powerful: RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional Dryer

RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional

What We Like

  • Professional salon product.
  • Reduced drying time.
  • Infrared heat technology.
  • Multiple heat settings.
  • Ideal for any length of hair.

What We Don’t Like

  • Very involved process.
  • Need more tools to use.

Ceramic Technology

The RUSK Professional 2000 Watt dryer is described as a “super freak” ceramic dryer, which boasts reduced drying times due to its ceramic and tourmaline design. The combination of these two elements allows for the dryer to pulse out infrared heat waves out into the hair, and that dries the hair quickly, while also getting rid of any frizzy or stray flyaways.

Because of this, it is recommended that you dry your hair with a towel before using this hair dryer.

Italian Motor

This hair dryer, whose motor was designed and made in Italy, is perfect for producing either straight or curly hair–it all depends on what you want. This Italian motor ensures that the dryer will be able to output superior airflow and pressure, which allows for less drying time. This dryer also outputs negative ions, which help revitalize your hair.


To use, this hair dryer has specific instructions. You should dry your hair as best as you can with a towel, and then clip or divide it into sections that are then dried individually. If you want to give your hair volume, you will need to bend over and hold your head (hair) upside down, pointing the hair dryer at your roots so they can dry first.

Styling Brush

When your hair is finished drying, throw your head back and then brush your hair into the style you want, using either a round, paddle, or styling brush to do so. Each section will need to be held tight to straighten out the most. If you want to make waves in their hair, then they should grab and scrunch the roots of their hair while it is drying.

Time Gained

While toweling off your hair may seem to be annoying, it looks like doing so drastically reduces the drying time to two to four minutes in some cases. That is not a more expensive hair dryer, my friend sees it in their hair salons, being used by professionals, so this is an exciting product to use, and it seems to be well worth the price.


The two hair dryers that I would recommend are the Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer and the Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer. These are the best hair dryers we can recommend to all users who want to use professional, salon-grade hair dryers to end up with professional results.

Both hair dryers use lightweight designs, along with tourmaline and ceramic to avoid damaging the user’s hair due to the high heat, and dry heat. The heat it produces is called infrared and negative ions. That then allows the hair to be exposed to higher temperatures without the usual damage that is caused by a commercial hair dryer that you can buy anywhere.

Final Thoughts

The best hair dryers to use are the hair dryers that are best suited to each’s hair type and needs. I recommend that you do your research when searching for the perfect hair dryer that is best suited for your needs. Make sure you know what you want when you decide to go looking to buy a hair dryer.

Consider your price points and budget against what you want your dryer to do. Consider your hair type when deciding which hair dryer you should buy. Take your time when you are choosing the best hair dryers. I hope that you take into consideration the information we have assembled for you.

Why Should You Start Using A Professional Hair Dryer?

Most women, when it comes to hair care rely on three options: they either do their hair themselves, including the washing, conditioning, drying, and styling or they go to a salon and hire a professional to do their hair, or they go to their favorite stylist on certain occasions, while maintaining their hair care part of the time.

If a woman goes to a salon all the time for regular washes and upkeep, then she already benefits from professional, salon-grade hair dryers. Her hair will be smooth, silky, and shiny and won’t suffer from dryness or brittleness because she is unfamiliar with how repeated, constant heat damages her hair. 

Let’s also talk about the quality of the hair dryer that she would use. Most commercial hair dryers that you can buy in any general store generally contain loud motors made of cheap, plastic materials (same goes for any accessories you buy), and most include very few choices between heat and speed settings.

Using a Professional Hair Dryer

Either you can choose between two or three levels of heat and nothing else. There is no education given about what types of hair textures each heat level should be used at, or how long you can use the hair dryer before its heat begins to damage your hair.

Contrast that to a salon-grade hair dryer. They are usually made of ceramic, and most contain ionic and ceramic systems to create an air flow system that is gentle enough for all hair types. This means, that its heat settings will not damage even the curliest and thickest hair. Most hair dryers of this type contain selections for at least three different temperatures and at least two different air speeds.

Some also include a Cold Air button, which allows you to “set” your hairstyle into place when you are finished styling. It is also well known that most of these brands cut the hair drying time of anyone who uses it generally by at least ⅓ to ½ the usual time it takes to dry. That is due to most professional hair dryers containing both ionic and ceramic systems.

They are also generally a lightweight hair dryer (sometimes come with heavy cords) so it does not come with the same noise complaints that one may have had in the past, making it perfect for use in almost any surroundings. 

In essence, salon-grade hair dryers are built to be used frequently and for long periods e.g. all day in a salon. So more attention is paid to creating them more ergonomically, as well as giving them a lot more power (in wattage) than your average hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Brand 

We have covered some of the best hair dryer brands previously in this post–Elchim, Dyson, CHI, Harry Josh, BaByliss, Revlon, GHD, RUSK, Solano, and Conair. However, there are several other brands that you can consider for your needs.

Dyson Supersonic

While we have already covered a Dyson hair dryer in our top ten articles, this Dyson Supersonic is different. Coming with a hefty price tag of $400, it is well worth the price if you want to maintain salon ready hair styling.

It contains a V9 motor, and can monitor the temperature of the air it’s outputting twenty times a second. The Dyson comes with two magnetic attachments–a diffuser and a concentrator.

Best Hair Dryer Brands


This Remington dryer contains some of the same technologies as more expensive hair dryers–containing ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline technology–while being inexpensively priced. It contains three different settings for heat and two settings for air speed. It also contains a cold air button that allows you to set your hairstyle. Again, it comes with two attachments–a diffuser and a concentrator.


DevaCurl is a different hair dryer. It is specially made for people with curly hair, and designed with the particular intention of reducing the chance of frizziness and other damage to your natural curls. It specifically uses ionic technology to do so, while also utilizing an instead interestingly designed diffuser (which contains 50 air vents and 5 prongs) that blows out hot air at 360 degrees.


This dryer utilizes infrared and negative ions to dry your hair both quickly and without any frizziness or flyaways left. It is a virtually silent hair dryer and comes with several attachments–a diffuser, concentrator, and a straightening comb. It also gives you several options regarding the settings–there are three options between heat settings and two options regarding speed settings. At less than $50, this dryer is a veritable bargain.

Bio Ionic

This dryer has been precisely calibrated to blow dry your hair, using a lower temperature, and in less time. If the hair dryer you use blows out air that is too high a temperature, then it will eventually damage your hair. This dryer, with its barrel made from 24 karat gold, distributes the heat blowing on your hair a lot more evenly than other dryers. That prevents the heat from focusing too often on one area, which can then cause brittleness and dryness to your hair.

pick The Best Hairdryer based on Your Hair Type

Your hair texture and desired style need to fit with the brand of hair dryer that you buy. If you want to keep your hair healthy and looking silky and smooth, the hair dryer you choose is essential. If you already have heat-damaged hair, then you don’t want to damage it further.

Thick hair

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer. This dryer is perfect for thick hair, as it uses 2000 watts of power to dry hair quickly. BaByliss uses ceramic technology that generates infrared heat so that you can dry your hair without causing brittleness or damage. You can choose between four different four heat settings. The dryer blows extremely hot air, which is why it is essential to use the concentrator nozzle–as a great finish to your hairstyle. 

Fine or Thinning Hair

Cura Professional Digital Ionic Hair Dryer. Thinning or fine hair needs to be treated very carefully, as it can be damaged much quicker by heat. This dryer is perfect for fine or thinning hair, as it is correctly used to dry hair very quickly at a lower heat signature.

It uses a wide nozzle to dry as large a section of your hair at a time, while not focusing on any particular spot–so it does not overheat and damage your hair. The Cura also uses negative ions to reduce the chance of frizziness, while also causing the water in your hair to evaporate quicker than usual. 

Curly or Coarse Hair

Nano Ionic Blow Dryer. This dryer contains two speeds and three heat settings. Use the cool shot button to keep your finished style as you desire it. This dryer uses nano ionic technology, which uses a strong airflow to dry your hair without compromising its curls. Use a diffuser for further styling needs, specifically used for your curls. The ionic technology also takes away any static electricity the dryer, and your hair may generate together, which is the cause of frizz.

Long Hair

InStyler Blu Turbo Ionic Dryer. Highly influential, this dryer utilizes over 2000 watts of power. That allows you to dry your hair quicker than usual. It has been designed to be lightweight and ergonomically friendly to your wrists and arms. This dryer contains a dial that allows you to customize the temperature and airflow that you want. 

Short Hair

Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer. This dryer is perfect for short hair as it uses tourmaline ceramic to reduce the chances of heat damage, along with ionic technology that reduces the chances of frizz. It also contains three heat settings and two-speed settings for you to choose from. The settings allow you to blow hot air as strong as you want, which enables you to dry your hair as quickly as possible without the usual damage done.

Secret Tips: How To Use Professional Hair Dryer

You’ve done it–you’ve bought your professional-grade, salon-style hair dryer. No more going to the salon to pay for a blowout, you’re going to give it to yourself. Except now you’ve taken your hair dryer out.

What do you do next?

Our top tips for using your professional-grade hair dryer should help you gain the confidence to create any hairstyle you want to, without damaging your hair.

  • Our advice is geared towards hair types, so this is something you should especially pay attention to. Different hair types respond differently and need different care, so adjust your hair care depending on your hair type.
  • Nozzle type matters. There are two types–wide and narrow. Wide nozzles are used for drying thick, long hair completely, as the airflow is completely extended as far as it can go. Narrow nozzles are used as the finishing touch of your style when you want to focus on specific areas or sections of hair. It contains more airflow concentration in a single space and should not be used to dry your hair thoroughly.
  • For fine hair, you don’t want to use a nozzle, as that would damage it, especially at full-speed heat.
  • For curly hair, a diffuser allows your hair to dry naturally without any frizziness in the result while maintaining the integrity of your curl pattern.
  • While using a diffuser, it is essential that you use it when you want to maintain your curl pattern. After washing and conditioning it to your satisfaction, dry your hair. Don’t leave it dripping wet, but also don’t towel dry as it will create frizz. That is where you will want to apply curl or moisturizing cream to your hair. Now you are ready to start using the diffuser–begin at the front of your head, while you hold your head down, starting at your roots. Use short, circulating movements. Lift your head and flip your hair back to see how you are doing. If you want to add more volume, then continue to use your diffuser around your hairline and in the front of your hair, as well as divide your hair into sections and use the diffuser on each section.
  • To use a concentrator, you want to use it when your hair is mostly dry. Use it to individually dry certain sections of your hair, like your roots when you want to give yourself a blowout.

How To Clean and Maintain Your New Professional Hair Dryer?

The care and cleaning of your new professional hair dryer do not have to be difficult. However, it should be part of your regular maintenance of the machine, so you can continue to use it for many years to come. The better it is cleaned and regularly maintained, the longer you will be able to use it, and the better investment it will become for you–especially if you bought a costly model.

And especially if there are attachments that come with it, like concentrators or diffusers. Your diffuser especially could add extra heat to your hair dryer and cause it to break down faster. All three of these things need to be adequately cleaned and maintained to continue working correctly.

Most hair dryers have filters, and this filter system gets clogged and jammed with hair, hair products (like hair spray, etc.), dirt, and any other debris that is circulating in the air. Depending on how often you use your hair dryer, you should clean it once every week or three weeks.

Clean Hair Dryer

The first thing you should do, which may seem obvious, is to make sure your hair dryer is unplugged. Next, remove the filter. It may just twist off very quickly, or you may have to use a screwdriver to open it.

Either way, remove the filter and wash it in your sink with just plain water. Allow it to dry completely before you put it back into your hair dryer, even if this means allowing it to dry overnight. If your filter is not able to be removed from the hair dryer, then you should use a clean brush or toothbrush to brush any debris out of the filter gently. If you are desperate and have no other choice, then you could use.

Your vacuum cleaner hose (or anything else that has suction power) and place it up to your filter to remove debris that way. If there is any product that is dried on the filter or hair dryer itself, then use a damp paper towel and gently wipe it off.

Wash the attachments in plain water, and also allow them to dry overnight before using them. Remember to be careful with your hair dryer. Don’t get it wet or place it near water. If you need to clean it, I would recommend wiping the outside with either a wet wipe or a damp paper towel, and then allow to dry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does dual voltage mean?

Dual voltage is a device that can use 110-120V and 220-240V.

Is my hair dryer dual voltage?

Most hair dryers are not dual voltage, and it is not recommended that you buy an adapter. If your hair dryer is only for use in the United States and Canada, it is recommended that you use them in those countries. If you go overseas to Europe or Asia, it is recommended that you buy hair dryers specifically made in that country.

Can the filter to my blow dryer come off?

The filter can usually be taken off, quite easily.

Do I need to clean it?

The filter needs to be cleaned to make sure your hair dryer continues to work properly.

What does a “cool shot” button do specifically?

cool shot specifically seals the cuticles around the roots of your hair, which helps set your final style.