How To Use A Hair Straightener Safely At Home?

How To Use A Hair Straightener Safely At Home
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Sometimes you do not want to go out with your frizzy hair, and you may not always be able to make it to the salon due to time or financial constraints. So, what then do you do when you need to get your hair in good shape? You go ahead to use your hair straightener at home, Right?

While that might seem a perfect fit, using the best hair straightener all by yourself is not that easy, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Thus, putting safety first should be your primary goal.

Here are some tips on how to use a hair straightener safely at home:

How To Use Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Use Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Make the right preparations

If that is your first time using the hair straightener, you should start by reading the manual that comes with it.

Please do not assume that you can fumble your way around with it or believe you can manage its use because you have used a similar tool in the past. You should pay particular attention to the heat regulators, so you are sure of the buttons to press to increase/reduce at any time.

After getting the hang of the usage of the hair straightener, the next step should be preparing your hair. Give your hair a thorough wash to get rid of dirt and oil. Using a moisturising shampoo is best as it will not dry out your hair.

Then, dry your hair correctly. You must never use a hair straightener on wet hair, which can be very dangerous.

Do not preheat the hair straightener

It is common to find yourself doing several things at once, especially when running late for an outing. However, plugging in your hair straightener when you are not ready to use it can make it overheat and ‘fry’ your hair.

Most regular hair straighteners, such as flat irons, do not come with switches between temperatures. But may have an automatic heat regulator; however, you can still end up overheating them.

Ensure the plug and socket are not damaged

Before you plug in the hair straightener, the first thing to do is to check that the wire is not exposed and that the socket on the wall does not show any sign of damage.

If the hair straightener comes with a two-pin plug and has a three-point socket, you should use an adaptor and avoid forcing the hair straightener’s plug into the socket.

You will not only be avoiding the risk of electric shock, but you will also be saving yourself time as the hair straightener can become unplugged during the process of straightening your hair.

Use the proper technique


Using the proper technique could be the difference between having fine silky straight hair and having ruined hair.

Please do not keep your hair in the straightener for a longer time than specified, thinking it would give you better results. Even if you have seen stylists at salons get away with a similar act.

They might have been using a different type of straightener and making sure to switch the heat off and on. Hence, you shouldn’t experiment with such an uncertain technique.

Make sure you apply a heat protection spray to avoid damage to your hair. Heat damage can be tough to get over as your hair will appear dry and lifeless. It can be so severe that you may have to cut your hair and start over. Thus, it is essential to use a hair protection spray.

Do not try to straighten big chunks of hair at once. Yes, you might be in a hurry, but your haste could destroy your hair. The way most hair straighteners are structured, they usually allow only a small section of hair at a time.

Use a tail comb to part your hair into small sections and hair clips might also come in handy to hold off the different sections.

Use a mirror

A mirror is not only essential to admire yourself after you have finished straightening your hair. The mirror is necessary to help you see what you are doing the whole time.

You might think you know where your ears are located and can’t burn them until you feel the scalding heat against them. Since you are doing the process yourself, you need a new view to get it right.

Using a double mirror would be the best thing; one in front of you and one at the back in the same pattern, you have it at many salons.

However, if you don’t have this kind of mirror setting in your home, you can use just one. You could also improvise by placing a hand mirror against something at your back.

Safe packing after use

After you must have gotten a great result after using your hair straightener, you should not leave it plugged in. You should remove it from the socket but do not replace it in the box immediately if it still feels hot. The reasons for this caution are apparent:

  • It could burn the surface you leave it on while still plugged and become a fire hazard.
  • If you have little children around, they could injure themselves with the hair straightener.


If you follow all these tips, you should be able to use your hair straightener at home with no problems. However, every good thing on earth has a downside when it is overdone.

Exposing your hair frequently to heat could have harmful effects such as making your hair very dry and even causing hair breakage. Thus, a significant way to avoid such a situation is to space out the time between each hair straightening.

It would also help keep your hair moisturised with standard conditioners and oils. That would keep your hair well-nourished and healthy.

While it is not advisable to share personal tools such as hair straighteners, if you share them with someone else, you should ensure that it is in excellent condition when returned and cleaned before your next use.